1. 2013

    BIG company price

    $4.50 per watt

    x20 panels =$22500*

  2. 2012

    The little guys

    $3.95 per watt

    x20 panels = $19750*

  3. 2011

    Solar Negotiators

    $3.25 per watt

    x20 panels = $16250*

When Solar Contractors Compete, YOU Win!
Solar Negotiators will find you the best deal possible.

* Above pricing is with 20 250W panels using string inverters on homes with composition shingle roof
with no installation complications. Pricing may vary.

Solar Negotiators Head Office

Solar Negotiators is a Fresno-based solar consulting firm; this means we are licensed to sell for a number of different contractors so we can negotiate with them to find the best possible installed price for your solar array. They compete so you can benefit!

This is a unique method of offering solar power and allows Solar Negotiators to provide the absolute lowest priced systems. We have been helping our clients understand solar power as an investment since 2010, and you get the benefit of experienced contractors who have been installing solar arrays for decades.

Solar Power Financing, Fresno, CA

Solar Power Financing

Solar Negotiators can provide financing assistance to our clients at no additional charge through our network of financial 3rd party institutions. Financing is available for commercial leasing and residential single-family or multi-unit properties....

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