About Solar Negotiators

Christopher Moran


Born and raised in the central San Joaquin Valley, Christopher Moran began his career in the solar industry over 5 years ago working with established electrical contractors, and industry leading manufacturers, to promote and educate valley residents on the benefits of PV solar systems. Christopher is an Iraq War Veteran who proudly served over 6 years in the United States Marine Corps. Chris founded Solar Negotiators as an honest business to help consumers get the facts on solar systems in California. A high school and college Valedictorian, Christopher has demonstrated professionalism and competency on all levels to provide the best information and customer service to valley residents.

Thomas Rice

Office Manager

Thomas was born and raised in the Central Valley and currently lives in northwest Fresno with his beautiful wife Jennifer and 4 great children. Living in the valley with his large family, Thomas knows well the value of a dollar. In his capacity as our irreplaceable Office Manager, Thomas looks forward to helping our clients realize the benefits of solar power.

Scott Clark

Operations Manager

Scott is a US Navy veteran and brings over 20 years of financial and environmental management experience to Solar Negotiators. Working as the Operations Manager for Solar Negotiators, Scott has found the perfect combination of personal belief in preserving our natural resources and the professional satisfaction of helping our clients save money.

Paul Deffebach

Advertising and Sales Director

Paul brings to Solar Negotiators an entrepreneurial energy to spread the word about the benefits of PV solar to the Central Valley. As a marketing and sales professional, Paul has over 25 years of experience in developing and implementing marketing plans, from political campaigns to CRM software. Paul’s focus outside work is raising his three daughters with his wife Karin.

Arjan Johl

Sales Executive / Business Development

A consultant with Solar Negotiators since 2010, Arjan has dedicated his years to informing Californians on the benefits of renewable energy and investment. Like the rest of the team you can count on Arjan to help you find the right information for your projects or respective ideas.

Taj Pamma

Account Manager

An experienced account executive with 6+ years in customer service, Taj specializes in client care and company related processes. A multi-talented individual, Taj is dedicated to helping Solar Negotiator clients stay up to date with their projects, and receive an exceptional experience working with the company.

At Solar Negotiators our core values and vision combine for a powerful experience for clients and their communities. Our vision to see our clients and communities become energy independent drives all members of our organization to identify new growth and opportunities for a more sustainable future. Our strength with people and their energy independence gives us responsibility to continue to innovate and create new standards for energy solutions, processes, client care, and efficiency. Improving the lives of our clients is the purpose of our operations, which dictates the strategic direction of the entire organization.

Solar Negotiators was founded to assist individuals and businesses in achieving financial security and energy independence by investing in green energy solutions, thereby eliminating the dependence on utility companies and saving long term cash by avoiding monthly power bills, and minimizing the impact of producing energy on the environment.

The guiding principles of Solar Negotiators are responsible operations and sustainability. Culturally, America is graduating to a more environmentally conscious country, with a focus on eliminating waste and the needs to tax natural resources that may become scarce. Realizing that businesses can approach operations with community improvement in mind, Solar Negotiators sees opportunity for giving back to communities through job creation.